Annuity Fund FAQs

Under certain circumstances, the Plan allows you to take up to 50% of contributions (excluding earnings, and factoring any amounts which may have been assigned from your Account to an alternate payee under a valid QDRO and/or distributed to you in any prior distributions from the Plan) allocated to your Account after July 1, 1990 as an "In-Service Distribution" or "ISD."

To be eligible for an ISD, you must be an Active Participant in the Plan and:

  1. You have been a Participant in the Plan for at least five consecutive years on or after July 1, 1990; or
  2. If you have been a Participant for less than five consecutive years under the rule in A, above, the amount you seek as an ISD relates to contributions that have been accumulating in your Account for at least two years; or
  3. You present suitable proof to the Plan that you have been called to active duty in the Military Service.

Your Plan Account is valued daily, and MassMutual has set up a toll-free number and website for you to use to find out the applicable value. Written reports detailing the activity in your Account will be sent to you at least quarterly. You can also elect to receive electronic reports instead.